Innovation in Technology for the Future Generation

Technology is changing rapidly with time. We have also seen improvements in the different devices that are based on the technology like in the Smartphone. Some other technologies that are booming with the time are cloud computing, data mining, big data etc. But this is just a start and technology is improving with time. There are many such technologies that can be listed as the future technologies.

Google Glass

First one is the Google glass and it is based on the augmented reality. We are also using the augmented reality in many different forms and in apps also But Google has done something out of the box with the augmented reality and created a Google Glass. As per the theories, you can see the social media feeds, text, Maps and also navigates through the GPS and take pics. You will be able to get the latest updated news even if you are on the ground with the Google Glass technology. Now it is available for some of the developers and you will not get it at any retail shop, the Google Glass was demo’ed by the skydivers and the creatives.

Google Glass Prescriptions

Oculus Rift

Next in the category is the Oculus rift which is based on the virtual reality gaming experience. The 3D headsets allow you to fully indulge in the game and let you feel like you are inside the game. With the Oculus Rift’s virtual world you can turn your head actually with the low latency to see the world with the high-resolution display. There are some more products also in the market with the same working effect but Rift will make it easier for you to enjoy the services at the low cost.


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Form 1

 Next is the Form 1. You have probably heard about the term 3D printing and it is the technology with which you can transform your digital design into a whole new real life product. It is not new for the mechanical industry but if you have the personal 3D printer then it will be a great idea. It is possible for everyone to create their own product that is based on their own custom design.

There are some more technical products like above and they have the technology which will turn the future into some other direction and let us live in the virtual reality concept. All the technologies are so useful and innovative and will surely be a boon for the futuristic generations.



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