Catch The Renowned Celebs Who Look Really Alike Disney Characters

Disney Characters

There exist a lot of twins and duplicates out in the real world. You might be taking care of your own business and witness your evil twin walking past you. It might sometimes be really very fascinating having a look at your look alike. The celebs have many fans who copy them from head to toe and try looking like them.

Disney Characters

You may also sometimes visualize watching a Disney picture and watching an animated form of you. This here is an honor to the celebs that seem similar to the Disney animated characters. Therefore, relax and adore the creepy likenesses.

The Beast and Mickey Rourke

They together began being handsome till some tragedy struck. One of them was cursed through a mystic beggar female; the latter one was cursed through an awful plastic surgeon subsequently trying to some back to boxing. But, both of them made a comeback.

The Little Mermaid‘s Prince Eric and Patrick Dempsey

Both of them are adored by the girls. Eric catches a statue prepared out of him that Ariel fixates over and Dempsey did a role in Grey’s Anatomy which tossed himself to the minds of each and every college girl within America who required somewhere to move following that Sex and the City weren’t telecasted any longer.

The Lady and the Tramp’s Peg and Goldie Hawn

There exist no genuine similarities apart from them looking really alike. Not asserting that Goldie seems similar to any dog or whatnot. Similar to the manner Peg’s bangs jut out over her face and the manner in which she struts about is rather evocative of a 1980’s Goldie Hawn. In case you are a Lady and the Tramp fan, I am sure you are going to have fun coloring the Lady and the Tramp Coloring Pages exclusively at

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Cruella De Vil from 101 Dalmations and Madonna

Having that wicked appearance of a senior desperately making an effort to clutch onto the small amount of youth they have in spare these women take their aging anguish out on gaining youthful things such as the puppies or kids from other nations.

The Little Mermaid’s Ursula and Queen Latifah

You may observe under the light that together they crave that ringing voice. Ursula snips if it away from Ariel and holds it in a strange shell all around her neckline and Queen Latifah started being a musician and moved to acting. Then in greener terms, both of them are huge and in an image, their hairs were also the same.

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